Celebrate successes — No one should rest on their laurels, but it is important to take time to reflect on how far the business has come and all you have accomplished as a founder. In times of great success, this will keep you humble and in times of trouble this will keep you hopeful.

Your people — a support group of mentors and friends who believe in you: Entrepreneurship can often be a lonely path. You’re up late at night and only have so much energy to devote to people and things outside of your business, especially in the early stages. The close-knit group of people who you trust to sit on the couch and not say a single word to for hours, are your people who will help you get through tough times.

Don’t be quick to take no as an answer — if plan A doesn’t work, go for plan B and C. There will always be “no’s”.

Transformation happens when we break the rules — and become unstoppable.

Photo Credit: http://www.jennmariephoto.com/

Focus — You wear a LOT of hats as a founder, and as a result, you get pulled in a lot of directions. Focus and the ability to prioritize are keys to keeping you on the right path.

Problem-Solving Skills. Every day will bring a new “issue” when you start and run a business. A female founder must have the ability to problem-solve and know when to ask for help when the problem is not something you cannot solve on your own.

Vision — I am a firm believer that a founder’s primary role is to sell the vision to as many people as possible, but oftentimes we get so tangled in the process that we forget to focus on our “Why.” I teach all of the founders in The Great Girlfriends community to share their vision and ask others to share their vision as well.

Kristin Marquet

Publicist and author based in New York City. Founder and Creative Director of FemFounder.co and Marquet-Media.com.

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