In entrepreneurship, you’re constantly taking in feedback from the outside world. It’s your job to filter and evaluate that feedback to improve your business. That said, you’re going to get a lot of contradictory information. Therefore, you must be the compass that understands the vision of the business.

Data analysis skills. We live in a world of data so you must understand your business data and be able to interpret what it is telling you about your business. Only then will you see how to improve internal processes and inventory management.

A sense of humility blended with confidence. You are not responsible for knowing everything. Just like the president of the United States, you will need the best advisors to help you make the decisions for which you are responsible.

PASSION. As a founder, you have to be passionate about your vision and the product or service you have created. …

Having your own business, whether you’re a man or a woman, is difficult in and of itself. There are many rules and regulations, taxes, paperwork, etc. so I think it would help if some benefits could be created that would make a woman having her own business not so daunting…

I learned to embrace imposter syndrome. I always felt like I had to have a partner in everything I did. Everything I’ve started in the past, I’ve always had a partner. Maybe I needed validation. Maybe I felt like I couldn’t do it without help. …

Learn to delegate. Women, in particular, can feel like they need to ‘do it all’ but that will quickly cap their business’ potential. As Luxe.It.Fwd grows, I’ve been able to progressively hire more team members which have allowed me to free up time to better focus on building the business.

Kristin Marquet

Publicist and author based in New York City. Founder and Creative Director of and

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